Industrial Solutions

Bristle Blasting is the de-facto standard for achieving blast-quality surface preparation on steel substrates. The innovative MBX Bristle Blasters are the only hand power tool that will deliver a near-white metal clean and a profile that meets your coating specifications.

Deployed in petroleum, pipeline, power generation, marine, fabrication and bridge coating industries, MBX tools delivers fast, economical and safe performance - guaranteed!

Automotive Solutions

The MBX Metal Blaster and Die Blaster are the tools of choice for quickly removing corrosion, stripping coatings, gaskets, sealers and vinyl from autobody surfaces.

The MBX Metal Blaster rapidly removes undercoating, seam sealers, corrosion, gasket material and more.

The MBX Vinyl Eraser quickly removes vehicle graphics without damaging the finish.

The MBX Die Blaster removes corrosion in tight areas such as door rabbets, roof joints and wheel housing and create superior adhesion.

Specialty Solutions

MBX tools have been adapted to a wide variety of surface preparation tasks and delivery superior performance and results when compared to traditional methods.

Vinyl Removal with the The MBX Vinyl Zapper easily strips all types of vinyl graphics from metal, glass, fiberglass and wood.

Welding Prep - pre and post welding surface cleaning is accomplished on a wide variety metals, removing corrosion, coatings, scale and slag.

Screen Frame Renovation - The MBX Metal Blaster rapidly removes epoxy from screen frame surfaces.

The MBX Tools

MBX Bristle Blaster

Delivers a "blast clean" suface removing corrosion, scale and coatings and imparting a 2.7 - 3.3 mil profile.


MBX Metal Blaster

Performs a wide variety of automotive, fabrication and specialty surface preparation tasks with an assortment of specialized wire belts.


MBX Die Blaster

Specially designed to remove automotive corrosion in tight areas, creating a "blast-like" surface for superior coating adhesion.


MBX Vinyl Zapper

Removes vinyl, decals, reflective tape and adhesives quickly on metal, glass and fiber glass without paint or surface damage.