Innovative Industrial Surface Preparation

Bristle Blaster

Advantages and Performance of the Bristle Blaster® Technology

  • Removes corrosion, mill scale and protective coatings Surface cleanliness with Near White/White Metal appearance - no grinding or polishing dduring operation
  • Creates a 2.5 - 3.3 mil surface texture/anchor profile Benchmark steel is API 5L pipeline steel - profile will vary with hardness of substrate.
  • Improves integrity of treated surfaces Generates compressive residual stress along treated surfaces providing crack growth resistance, improved fatigue live and improved corrosion resistance
  • Negligible heat generation Treated surfaces free of thermal damage and/or heat markings
  • Cleans and profiles quickly and economically Using long lasting, safe Bristle Blaster Belts eliminates the need for costly abrasive blast equipment



    Pneumatic Bristle Blaster

    Innovative surface preparation power tool that removes corrosion and gennerates an anchor profile in a single step.

    Technical Details

    Electric Bristle Blaster

    Delivers a "blast clean" suface removing corrosion, scale and coatings and imparting a 2.7 - 3.3 mil profile.

    Technical Details